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Kevin Nolt Presents on Webinar: ERISA Pre-Approved and Customized Benefit Plans – Overhauled IRS Procedures and Determination Letter Process

Trucker Huss Director Kevin Nolt recently presented on a webinar “ERISA Pre-Approved and Customized Benefit Plans: Overhauled IRS Procedures and Determination Letter Process” hosted by Strafford Publications.

The presenters discussed the IRS’s changes to its determination letter process limiting the ability of employers with individually designed plans to obtain a determination letter, and new procedures for employers to ensure their plans maintain their qualified status. The program examined newly revised IRS procedures for reviewing and approving “pre-approved” retirement plans. The program also provided guidance to employers seeking to transition from individually designed to pre-approved plans.

Nolt focuses his practice primarily on qualified retirement plans, including defined benefit and defined contribution plans, and plans of tax exempt entities and public schools and universities, including 403(b) and 457 plans.