Plan fiduciaries, such as trustees, plan administrators, administrative and investment committees and company officers and directors are governed by strict and complex ERISA rules and Department of Labor regulations. Trucker Huss assists our clients in carrying out proper corporate and plan governance as well as compliance with the fiduciary requirements for plan investments and administration.

We advise on legal issues related to:

  • Compliance with ERISA fiduciary duties
  • Compliance with ERISA reporting and disclosure requirements
  • Investment of plan assets
  • Selection of investment options for participant-directed plans
  • Prohibited transactions
  • Trust agreements and custodial arrangements
  • Use of plan assets to pay plan expenses
  •  Selection and monitoring of service providers, such as trustees, recordkeepers, investment consultants and investment managers
  • Negotiation and preparation of agreements with service providers
  • Fiduciary audits

Our objectives are to help our clients fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities, serve their employees well and avoid litigation and other claims. As a law firm focusing exclusively on employee benefits, we bring our extensive experience in ERISA compliance and ERISA litigation to every consulting situation.

Our clients in the area of fiduciary consulting include:

  • Employers
  • Plan sponsors
  • Plan trustees, plan administrators, administrative and investment committees
  • Financial institutions such as banks and trust companies
  • Mutual fund companies and other investment providers
  • Investment professionals such as consultants and investment managers

If you'd like to know more

For more information regarding this area of the Firm’s practice, please contact Brad Huss, Ben Spater,  Nick White, Robert Gower or Katuri Kaye.

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