Compliance with the numerous legislative and regulatory rules governing employee benefit plans is the cornerstone of the practices at Trucker Huss. Our experience and expertise with these rules is second to none.

Plan Audits

Receiving notice of an IRS audit or DOL investigation concerning an employee benefit plan (including retirement, executive compensation, and health and welfare plans) or notice of an PBGC audit concerning plan termination or insurance premiums can be daunting. In these situations, we serve as employee benefits counselors to our clients. We handle all aspects of government investigations and audits, including:

  • Represent clients in all interactions with the IRS, DOL and/or PBGC;
  • Respond to claims by government agencies alleging failure to comply with applicable statutes and regulations;
  • Negotiate closing agreements and other resolutions of audits and investigations.

Our attorneys frequently interact with the IRS and DOL on public policy issues that may impact our clients, including submitting comments in connection with regulatory proposals and participating in leadership roles in groups like the NCCMP and ABA Joint Committee on Employee Benefits that can help influence the legislative and regulatory landscape.

If you'd like to know more

For more information regarding this area of the Firm’s practice, please contact Brad Huss, Kevin Nolt, Clarissa KangNick White, Robert Gower, Joe Faucher or Katuri Kaye.