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Trucker Huss Hosts Webinar “ACA Repeal: Where Things Stand—And What Lies Ahead”

Trucker Huss attorneys Mary Powell and Eric Schillinger presented an update on the status of health reform.

On May 4th, the House passed the American Health Care Act (“AHCA”) in the first step to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act.  The AHCA, which included eight amendments, would significantly change a number of healthcare rules that affect group health plans and their employer-sponsors. While the Senate has stated that it will draft its own bill, it likely will include at least some of the same (or similar) provisions as the AHCA.  Moreover, much of the current ACA rules could change regardless of whether Congress passes a replacement bill.  The administrative agencies have considerable discretion in interpreting and enforcing ACA rules, and a pending federal court case could have major implications on the future of the ACA.  Topics covered in the webinar included:

  • An overview of the AHCA, with a focus on group health plans
  • The legislative process, how it affects healthcare reform, and what might take place in the Senate
  • The role of the Trump Administration — and how it might make significant changes even if Congress fails to pass ACA-repeal legislation
  • House v. Burwell — Does the fate of the ACA hang on the result of an appropriations case?

Click here to download the webinar presentation and recording.