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Marc Fosse Presents Strafford Webinar on IRC § 83(i) Qualified Stock Options and RSUs: Opportunities to Defer Taxation Up to 5 Years

Trucker Huss, APC is pleased to announce director Marc Fosse will join a panel of speakers on the Strafford webinar titled “New IRC 83(i) Election for Qualified Equity Grants: Deferral Opportunities for Stock Options and RSUs” on Thursday, May 16 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (PDT).

This CLE/CPE webinar will provide practical advice about how to design new qualified equity grants under IRC section 83(i) and how to make a section 83(i) election to defer taxation on the gain from stock options and RSUs.  The panel will detail the statutory requirements for awarding qualified equity grants, distinguish between qualified stock and deferred stock, discuss the mechanics of making the election, and describe the recent guidance in IRS Notice 2018-97. The webinar will also delve into potential drawbacks that private corporations and their employees should consider when making these grants or deferral elections.

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Marc provides practical solutions for clients on matters relating to all aspects of employee benefits.  His current focus is primarily on tax, securities, corporate and accounting issues related to executive and equity compensation arrangements. He works with publicly traded, private, non-profit and government clients in the design, implementation and operation of domestic and international executive nonqualified and supplemental deferred compensation plans, as well as equity-based and other long-term incentive compensation arrangements.