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Marc Fosse Co-authors Treatise – Executive Compensation for Emerging Growth Companies

Trucker Huss APC is pleased to announce director Marc Fosse has co-authored the 2018-2019 edition of the Treatise Executive Compensation for Emerging Growth Companies as part of the Emerging Growth Companies Series published by Thomson Reuters.

Executive Compensation for Emerging Growth Companies is a practical handbook for public and private businesses. It outlines the latest ideas about executive compensation and includes annotated forms that can be used in every day practice. Many of the forms include alternate clauses, along with guidance on the benefits and detriments of each approach.

The handbook includes discussions of:

  • Recent tax litigation
  • IRS rulings
  • SEC releases
  • State blue sky regulations
  • Other developments

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Marc Fosse has been providing practical solutions for clients on matters relating to all aspects of employee benefits for nearly two decades. His current focus is primarily on tax, securities, corporate and accounting issues related to executive and equity compensation arrangements. He works with publicly traded, private, non-profit and government clients in the design, implementation and operation of domestic and international executive nonqualified and supplemental deferred compensation plans, as well as equity-based and other long-term incentive compensation arrangements.