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Trucker Huss Attorney Eric Schillinger Among Contributors to Law360 Article – Will ACA Repeal Pass? Here’s What 11 Experts Think

Law360 asked 11 experts in the area of healthcare reform about their thoughts on Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) and its potential repeal. Trucker Huss attorney Eric Schillinger shared his opinion on the subject:

“Yes. Watered-down repeal legislation will eventually clear Congress and be signed into law by the president. To placate both the moderate and conservative factions of congressional Republicans, the legislation will cut the ACA’s Medicaid funding and individual insurance protections but to a lesser degree than proposed in the current U.S. House of Representatives and Senate bills. As a result, the legislation will not follow through with all of the currently proposed tax cuts. Surviving tax cuts will include most of the proposed changes that impact employer-sponsored coverage: a delay of the 40 percent ‘Cadillac’ tax, elimination of the employer and individual mandate penalties, and increased contribution limits for health savings accounts. In contrast, the ACA’s Medicare and net investment income taxes on high-income individuals will likely remain intact.”

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