Summer Associate

Nicolas D. Deguines, Summer 2019

During my summer at Trucker Huss, I experienced the many challenging and complicated aspects of ERISA work. I had the opportunity to work on projects in many different practice areas such as, health & welfare, qualified plans, executive compensation, and litigation. Directors and associates were eager to answer all of my questions and fully explain […]

Jennifer Truong, Summer 2013

Throughout my summer at Trucker Huss, I was exposed to the many different facets of ERISA work, from advising clients on newly published health care regulations to preparing for litigation. By end of the summer, I was eager to continue building a career practicing ERISA. My experience of working at Trucker Huss has been exactly […]

Jennifer Wong, Summer 2019

My summer at Trucker Huss provided the best possible experience and opportunity to practice ERISA before graduating law school. Each assignment or project introduced a new and exciting area of ERISA, and the amazing attorney’s at Trucker Huss helped guide me through the complex and nuanced areas with expertise and patience. My experience throughout the […]